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Review – Kelvin Corcoran, Facing West

Kelvin Corcoran, Facing West, 84 pp, £9.95, Shearsman Books.


“Abduction Zone”, the title sequence of the first section of Corcoran’s Facing West, illustrates some of the attractions and challenges of his writing. He’s a master of metre and rhythm, both in the singing and the speaking line. This is a constantly varied source of pleasure as he shifts between different tones, registers and contexts. However, I feel that this sequence of more than 150 lines interweaves its allusions to classical myths, classical and twentieth century Greek history and the country’s current economic and political situation too loosely and sketchily to make … Continue Reading

Review – Philip Gross, Love Songs of Carbon

You can link to my review of Love Songs of Carbon in PN Review by clicking here.

Review – W S Merwin’s Garden Time

Somehow I forgot to post a link to my review of Garden Time in PN Review, which you can find here. Disregard the misleading title.