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Linda France, Took My Way Down, Like a Messenger, To the Deep – review

You can read my review of this beautiful and superbly produced chapbook by clicking on the link to the London Grip site below.


London Grip Poetry Review – Linda France


Linda France, You are Her; Katherine Gallagher, Carnival Edge: New and Selected Poems. Both published by Arc Publications

I wrote these reviews for Staple back in late 2010. I hope the magazine will appear soon and perhaps then it will be appropriate to take them off the website.

You are Her immediately engages the reader. It’s full of the instant pleasures given by brilliant sound patterning and imagery, evocative description, arresting single lines, formal inventiveness and an alert responsiveness to the world around the poet. Some of these things are easily illustrated. For example, the startling first line of the book is “When I woke up I was dead.” The third poem, “Waiting with my Yellow Dog”, is set … Continue Reading