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Review – Imtiaz Dharker, Luck Is the Hook

128 pp, £12.00, Bloodaxe Books Ltd, Eastburn, South Park, Hexham, Northumberland NE46 1BS

In Dharker’s last collection, Over the Moon, nearly all the poems were very specifically rooted in time and place. That concrete grounding gave them a great deal of their power. Luck Is the Hook works in a different way, making it both a departure from and a complement to the previous volume.

It’s essentially lyrical, concentrating on exploring emotions in themselves rather than their causes. One result is a smoother, more musical style. Another is the flowering of a mythical or fabulous mode. Over the Moon was dominated by … Continue Reading

Imtiaz Dharker, Over the Moon – review

Over the Moon by Imtiaz Dharker. Bloodaxe Books, Eastburn, South Park, Hexam, Northumberland NE46 1BS. 160 pp. £12 paperback.

Dharker was recently awarded the Queen’s gold medal for poetry so it seems almost redundant to say how much I recommend this generous and accessible book.

The first poem, “Like That Only”, is one I’ve heard Dharker read twice, to great applause. It epitomizes her easy multiculturalism, her warmth, and a lightness of touch that makes it seem almost indelicate to point out how moving and profound her poetry can be. The setting is the entrance to a Ganesh temple where entrants must … Continue Reading